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The 4 R's: Refuse, Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle

Interactive 4:50min Closed Captions/Subtitles

This Miniclip defines what a resource is and explores the ways we can help protect the earth’s resources by adopting the 4 R’s—refuse, reduce, re-use, and recycle. The 4 R’s help students learn how to reduce their waste and pollution, re-use what they already have, and use less of Earth’s precious resources.

Materials and Their Properties

Interactive 4min Closed Captions/Subtitles

Every single object is made of different materials that have observable properties. This Miniclip sorts and groups materials based on observable properties such as colour, texture and flexibility. Students are encouraged to think about the suitability of materials for different purposes, such as clothing and housing, through the examination of materials such as paper, wood, plastic, metal, glass, fabric, and rubber.

Materials and Their Physical Changes

Interactive 3:20min Closed Captions/Subtitles

Materials can be physically changed in many different ways depending on what they’re made of and what you do to them. Bending, stretching and twisting can create some interesting objects. This Miniclip explains how these processes can be applied to a variety of materials. Also covered are the changes that occur when materials are warmed and cooled.

Where Am I? Maps and Globes

Interactive 4min Closed Captions/Subtitles

Geographical concepts such as measurement and the representation of features depicted through maps, globes and compasses are essential for understanding and using navigation tools effectively. Younger students will easily understand this concept with this specially designed Miniclips title, using spectacular graphics, easy to understand language and straightforward explanations. A must-see for all young geography students!


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